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Kitchen Cabinet Design In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Lora Kitchen, an expert in kitchen cabinets that’s located in Kuala Lumpur, offers services in terms of kitchen cabinet design in Malaysia. Apart from providing kitchen cabinets, we offer consultation in the best kitchen cabinet designs and wardrobe designs as well. With more than 10 years of experience in this field, we are confident in offering you kitchen cabinet and wardrobe designs that meet your expectations.

LORA KITCHEN has been established by a team of experience designers operating in Klang Valley since the year of 2006. Throughout the years in interior design, we believe that kitchen and wardrobe are the main pieces of home design. Our core vision is to provide the most suitable and elegant design to FIT YOUR LIFE.

Interior design is a crucial part of your home because it represents what your home is, to you and only you. The idea here is to create a kitchen cabinet design that suits you and your lifestyle so that they become a perfect match.

Our expertise in the interior design industry enables us to become your go-to kitchen cabinet solution provider. Together with our clients, we design, build and install your ideal kitchen cabinet, just as you like. We built kitchen cabinets according to your preference, even if they aren’t the trendiest designs. What’s important is that you like it, just the way it is. Be it contemporary or vintage kitchen cabinet designs, Lora Kitchen will be able to create them for you.

Your design sensibilities, aspirations and budget will always be our main concerns to dedicating the most incomparable kitchen enjoyment to every unique individual like you.

If you are not sure of the kitchen cabinet design that suits you, Lora Kitchen can offer great advice on this based on the insights from our professional team. From the design stage to installation of your kitchen cabinet, we’ll be by your side, offering advice on every nook and cranny of your kitchen cabinet. As long as you’re with Lora Kitchen, there is no need to worry about your home kitchen cabinet.

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Every design is tailored to meet your expectation.
It’s your home, it’s your style.


Passionate and experience in kitchen and wardrobe design.
We treat every home like our own.


Affordable package without compromising on quality.
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